Caravana Navidar

Caravana NaviDAR is a fundraising campaign to revive the holiday spirit and renew hope of children and caregivers in foster care homes in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria.  The goals are:

  • To bring joy to the children during the holidays with toys and educational activities during the months of December and January. Last year, more than 30 centers benefited from toys and supplies delivered and through a centralized artistic event for the children at the Inter- American University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.  “Remi”, the famous local TV personality (clown), and the theater company ,“De Boca en Boca” with its production The Disobedient Children, entertained children while they taught lessons of resilience and a positive outlook in life during difficult times.
  • To provide and secure a safe and stable roof for the children by rebuilding the institutions that suffered structural damages after Hurricane Maria.
  • To provide financial support to cover operational expenses, education materials, clothing, adequate personnel and medical treatment needed to maintain their physical and psychological well-being.
  • To advocate for changes to adoption laws that encourage and facilitate the adoption process in Puerto Rico.
  • To work together with local leaders to find solutions to social problems affecting these children.

Coqui educational program

The education program provides a window to the world for the children in Puerto Rico.  It is a transformational lifeline to the island’s future.  The program is opening the doors of infinite possibilities for the children by coordinating with the existing school system to enrich the curriculum with interactive experiences, partnering with organizations that will support an interexchange of projects and  engaging communities because educated minds are the future of Puerto Rico.  On May 4, 2018, our educational initiative is launched with our pilot program at The Observatory of Arecibo in Puerto Rico and more programs in the fields of S.T.E.M., will follow later this year.

Vieques collaborative humanitarian relief mission

This initiative was launched in response to a call for action to help and advocate on behalf of the residents of the municipality island of Vieques and their Veterans. It has been possible thanks to a collective effort with other committed groups doing the work for the greater good. We provide free medical care and distribute essential goods including medical supplies, food, water filtration systems, hygiene items, baby supplies, among other things.  Our efforts and missions in Vieques are ongoing, in partnership with other groups from the island and the diaspora.

Parranda NaviDAR

“Parranda NaviDAR” is a fundraising festivity that includes live music and a silent art auction. On December 28, 2017, we launched this initiative at the Vanderbilt Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Through this event, we were also able to support the local economy with tourism and by employing local vendors and artists. A part of the funds collected was destined to sustain the programs and our long-term efforts to restore the centers that care for vulnerable children and which suffered structural damages after Hurricane Maria.